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Current availability

Open for exceptionally interesting offers, that could include but not limited to AI, ML or CV. Email me at firstname at lastname dot-com.

However, if you're a headhunter please be creative to get a response.


A seasoned big data and machine learning engineer with hands-on experience in a wide variety of data technologies. Comfortable with Python, R, Scala, Spark, C++, and even Perl, or many other programming languages. Very good in moving data around in large amounts as well as in parallel processing, while math or other data transformations is not a challenge too. Has a stack of system administration and low-level coding background in the past.

Strength: Best in designing the concept and implementing data processing and data exchange applications. Also good in troubleshooting, bug hunting, code refactoring and process automatization.

Certifications: Machine Learning, ML pipelines, ML production lifecycles.


Years and years of experience and continuous growth is an asset that allows to look into problems deep and see the solutions wide.

Big Data Engineering Consultant


Consulting TEK clients with Big Data architecture and ML Ops
Python, R, Hive, Spark, Hadoop, AWS

Big Data Engineer

Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)

Two Years
Built product usage statistics collection and analysis infrastructure in Hadoop cluster.
Scala, Java, Python, Spark, Hadoop, AWS

Senior Software Engineer

Thomson Reuters

Ten years
Moving data around, both in traditional databases and in big-data clusters.
Scala, C++, Perl, Python, Spark, Hadoop, Sybase

Senior Software Engineer


Two years
Built a distributed, multi-datacenter service monitoring system using instrumented and daemonized Mozilla Gecko engine. Automated data processing of the monitoring stats on the backend.
C++, Perl, MySQL

Software Engineer

Nextel Partners (Sprint)

Two years
Revamped billing application based on Windows/NT into Perl, Linux and Ajax. Migrated internal products onto the open-source platform.
Perl, Oracle