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Google+ circles

OK, as far as I could find so far the major, if not the only, advantage Google+ have against Facebook is their circles concept. But I'm still a little confused what would be the right way to use them. The circles are great, I agree, they prop your networking up into multidimensional space. However in my opinion it's still a half-way solution. And here is why I think so.

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Amazon Web Services

I know that to have your own personal blog is cool, but to have it on your own web host is double cool. That's true. However what can be even cooler to have your web host running in your own Linux virtual box? No, not running it in a real box in your garage. It was cool, even geeky, but some years ago. These days everything more or less advanced goes into... clouds. Yes, cloud computing they call it. Is it a right thing? - Yes, I want an answer on this question too. And there is only one way to find out - to try it on.

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Freezing myths

Sitting trapped home by a heavy snow storm, a blizzard to be precise, I thought again of a list of myths about cold. I know that the legendary Mythbusters at Discovery Channel are very busy and less likely would shoot an episode based on my humble list. So I'm just publishing it here for your entertainment. Please assume the basic condition for each item as "It is so cold over there that..." and here is the list...

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Blogging without compromising

What people usually blog about? What is not there on the Net yet? How to be more useful and less boring? These are probably very common questions beginner bloggers ask themselves. So do I. Well, I don't think anybody would be excited to know what I had for lunch today or yesterday. And Barack Obama most likely knows better then I what he and his administration should and shouldn't do. So let's skip those.

I thought perhaps I could blog about what I know best - the information technologies, the newest breakthroughs in the most bleeding edges of the technologies I'm currently working on. That would be fascinating. That would be fresh. In such topics I could go on and on. But if I go for it there might be a risk of exposing the know-how of my employer therefore a possible breach of the non-disclosure agreement I have signed with the client. Bummer... Well, this is something to think about then. OK, I need to do some research on how other fellow bloggers deal with this dilemma.

Hello world!

The cobbler's children go unshod. I have been in the Web industry for decades but have had no decent personal site. With this blog powered by WordPress I'm going to fix it. The first post is very short. OK. We will see. Wish me luck, I'll need some.